How to Maintain Or Boost Your Sex Life in Older Age

Some folks believe that once an individual reaches the older matured age, they will not show any interest in doing the things they used to enjoy such as sex and being intimate. This is untrue, because the requirement for intimacy has no age boundaries. An individual’s hunger for love, intimacy, and emotional bond with someone else is limitless.

However, there remain a serious number of older males and females who don’t have a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual life and intimate relationships with their partners. When an individual does not have a healthy physical and emotional relationship with somebody, she may suffer from low self-esteem and poor physical health. As one ages, their body experiences physical and physical changes that may affect his sexual health and relationship with someone else.

When a lady ages, she will experience physical changes in her body that are the result of an hormonal imbalance and the menopause.

As an example, the vagina takes longer time to lubricate and swell when awakened. This physical change can truly make intercourse painful, so, thus leading to a reduced or lost of interest in sex.

In men, the most typical physical change is problem in achieving and maintaining erection. The mind also experiences certain changes as individual age. These changes for men can also noticeably affect his sexual staying power or wish for sex.

If an adult person is ashamed of his sexual needs (some older people feel that it isn’t right for them to feel the way they do!) and preferences, then it may doubtless lead to aversion from sex. Also, when one notices grey hairs and wrinkles on their face, some people feel less attractive or appealing to the opposite sex, so, reducing their sexual drive. Another common physiological change associated in aging is stress.

When a older individual worries too much on his sexual performance, this regularly leads to impotence for men and reduced need to have sex for ladies.

How to improve sexual health

It isn’t impossible for aging adults to enhance and maintain their sexual health and staying power. However, it needs significant communication in the relationship if one wants to boost and maintain their sex life.

The following are 2 helpful tips on how aging adults can improve their sexual health:

There’s more to sex than just penetration. To boost one’s sex life, people needs to grow their understanding and perception on sex, for there’s more to this carnal act than just mere penetration. Remember that intimate gestures like touching and holding hands are perfect alternative to sex. Oral sex, masturbation, and sensuous massage are also good substitute for sex.

Maintaining a healthy and fit body keeps somebody’s body ready for sex. As such, it is highly advised for aging women and men to eat a well-balanced diet that includes veggies and fruits.

In true to say that older males and females who have poor or dormant sex life are sometimes those who engaged in less sexual activities during their younger years. On the other hand, it is fair to claim that partners who had active sex lives during their younger years will be in a position to maintain their sexual staying power even when they get older.

In conclusion

As you both are beginning to initiate a more sexual relationship then the only way to start may to schedule time to be with one another. It’ll let you prepare and makes sure that you really loving to one another and may be once more a week is a good starting point.

If you want to continue to have an active sex life in older age then be realistic about your expectations. It has start with communication and both partners need to understand the needs and difficulties of the other. Then find something that you both enjoy be it cuddling or intimate touching and work from there at a speed you both feel confident.